Investing in cybersecurity can prove valuable. You may avoid many problems like loss of money and trust.

With the help of training e.g. incidents are simulated. Imaginary conditions are created in which the effects of the disorder and recovery from them can be tested. The goal of training is to improve the operational readiness and reaction capacity of an organization in case of serious breach situations, and to shorten and reduce the effects of actual attacks.

Training offers several advantages:

  • Personnel are better able to detect cybersecurity breaches that threaten the organization.
  • Personnel are better equipped to react to serious cybersecurity breaches, and to restore operations to normal after an cyberattack.
  • Weaknesses and deficiencies in processes, operating models and systems are detected more effectively.
  • Resources can be added more quickly to objects that have been identified in the exercises.
  • Supplier dependencies and service providers' security requirements are better understood.
  • Joint exercises with service providers strengthen mutual co-operation.
  • Individual threats in the cyber operational environment are better identified and managed.

Find more information about training from the pages of National Cyber Security Centre